North East London Health and Care Partnership public bulletin 13 July

Welcome to our public bulletin (also available here) keeping local people informed about health and care services; and how you can stay well and keep safe.

In this issue:

Young adults should get vaccinated to protect themselves

Young people are affected by Covid-19 and you might be at a higher risk than you think. If you are not vaccinated you are much more likely to get more serious symptoms and have to go into hospital – this includes young people. 

You are also at risk of Long Covid which can cause extreme tiredness, breathlessness and more; and can stop you from doing normal everyday things like walking, as well as sports and going to the gym, or working, potentially for months or even longer. 

Two doses of the Pfizer vaccine gives a 96% protection against hospitalisation. Just under 60% of people aged 18-24 and over 60% of people aged 24-29 in England have already had at least one jab. You can book your Covid-19 vaccination, either directly or using the national booking system at over 50 vaccination centres in north east London

Restrictions lift on 19 July and vaccines mean you won’t miss out

From next Monday 19 July most Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted, which will not only increase the importance of getting vaccinated to keep you safe, but also to enable you to enjoy these increased freedoms.

The Government has also announced it is considering changes to rules that will mean people who have had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will have more freedoms – making it easier to travel and to go on holiday; and from August, close contacts of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 will potentially not have to self-isolate at all, meaning you won’t miss out on any planned social events or activities and it won’t impact on your ability to work. 

Getting a vaccine is quick and easy

If you live in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, The City of London,  Hackney, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge or Havering and are 18 and over, you can book yourself in (either directly or using the national booking system), and sometimes walk in, for your Covid-19 vaccination at over 50 vaccination centres in north east London.  

These vaccinations centres are spread across our communities in lots of easy to get to places like pharmacies, GP practices, libraries and shopping centres. 

You can get vaccinated whenever suits you including at weekends and in the evening. You usually won’t have to wait long and can expect to be in and out within half an hour. You don’t have to wait to be invited and you don’t need to bring any paperwork. 

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are you aged over 18 and have questions about the Covid-19 vaccine? We’ve got the answers. 

From how safe is it, to will I get side effects, or why should I get it if I’m low risk? 

Simply click here to see more.

Vaccine videos for younger adults

In these videos young Londoners talk to local medical experts, including medical students and doctors, about some of the questions they have around the vaccine.

If you would like to share your vaccine stories and help us encourage more young people to get vaccinated please contact us here.

Happy Eid al-Adha

We would like to wish all those celebrating a safe and happy Eid al-Adha next week and say thank you to our Muslim and wider community for hosting Covid-19 vaccination clinics and for their ongoing support of the vaccination programme.

Second doses are vital

Second doses are really important in giving you maximum protection from Covid-19. Vaccines reduce the chance of Covid-19 infection by almost 80% after two doses and only 35% after one. 

You can book second doses from eight weeks after your first jabs. If you booked through the national booking service then you should already have your second dose appointment. You can also log on to the system and manage your appointments. 

If you walked in or booked directly at a vaccination site you may have been given your second dose appointment, you can book on the national booking service, or visit here for information on sites across north east London and how to book them. Second vaccinations are not being offered sooner than 8 weeks after the first. 

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